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Exploring advanced use of template refs in Vue

21 Dec 2023 vue

Vue's template refs allow us access to native DOM elements. But there's a few cases where their usage is a bit more complex, like using them in v-for loops or on child components. Let's take a look!

Vue Composition API part 2: The setup script

6 Feb 2023 vue

In part one we saw how the Composition API changed how we built Vue components. In part two we'll look at a later addition to the API, namely the setup script, which takes the API to another level.

Nuxt data-fetching techniques: Which to use and when

20 Jan 2022 vue

Most web projects these days involve retrieving asynchronous data at some point, and Nuxt makes it really easy to do this. In this article I'll look at the different approaches, focusing on the fetch and asyncData hooks.

Using dynamic image paths in .vue files

26 May 2021 vue

A common issue when using frameworks like Nuxt or Vue CLI comes when using dynamic image paths. This is essentially due to Webpack. Let's see how to solve it.